Worlds Weirdest Marriages and Relationships

If you had to count the number of weird relationships you had been in, it would probably take a while.

But when you go through our list of the weirdest relationships and marriages you will probably want to reevaluate what a weird relationship means.

Here’s a list of the strangest relationships and marriages that we have encountered

1. The woman who married the Eiffel Tower

Erika La Tour Eiffel is your typical everyday woman in every sense except her relationships. She’s taken her vows with the Eiffel Towers in a ceremony that was attended by a few of her close friends.

The former soldier and expert archer has even officially changed her name to that effect. Although she claims to be in love with the tower this isn’t her first relationship with inanimate objects.

A lance, a bow (which she used to become a world-class archer. and a piece of fence she has in her bedroom are all part of a long history of relationships shes had. She even claims to be fond of the Berlin wall, although that has been claimed by another member on our list.

2. The man who married himself

We all love ourselves but no one took the love to the extremes like Liu Ye a 39-year-old from Zhuhai City in China. Talk about taking narcissism to the next level.

His wedding ceremony was attended by senior members of his family and one bridesmaid and a groomsman. How about that for an awkward wedding.

3. Married to the Berlin Wall

A condition called objectum-sexuality is the cause of these people falling in love with inanimate objects. For Eija-Riitta Berliner Mauer it was love at first sight of the Berlin Wall on TV when she was a young child.

Her last name means Berlin Wall she has been married to the structure for more than 30 years. While she claims to be a virgin she does state that she has had a loving relationship with the wall.

You can imagine her horror when she watched the wall brought down in 1989. Like seeing a loved one fall.

4. This Japanese man married a character from a Nintendo DS video game

You know you’ve taken virtual dating to a whole new level when you marry a character from a game. Sal9000 a resident of Japan married the character Nene Anegasaki from the dating game “Love Plus” for the Nintendo DS.

He married his “wife” in the city of Guam where it is perfectly legal to not only marry inanimate objects but imaginary ones as well. Suffice it to say, we’re sure he keeps his wife “charged up” all the time.

5. The woman married to a fairground ride

Who doesn’t love rides at an amusement park? But do you love it enough to marry one? That’s exactly what Amy Wolfe of New York plans to do.

This 32 year plans to marry a fairground ride called 1001 Nacht located at Knoebels in Pennsylvania. Although she lives a 160 miles away she travels the distance not less than 10 times a year to be with her “lover”.

Yikes, talk about a long distance relationship. She’s fairly confident about her fulfilling relationship with the ride and doesn’t seem to get jealous or annoyed when other people ride it.

6. The woman who married her dead ex-boyfriend

This tale is a little unfortunate. Magail Jaskiewicz and Jonathan George were dating for several years and had even planned to get married in their local town hall in November 2008.
Unfortunately, a bizarre road accident cut the life short of Mr George just two days before the ceremony was to take place.

There is a section of the French civil code which allows for posthumous marriages as long as the wedding formalities were completed before one of the partners died. They were married in a small ceremony attended only by close friends and family.

This isn’t a one-off case either as the French interior ministry claims that about 10 posthumous marriages occur in France every year.

7. The Man who married a pillow

28-year-old Lee Jin-Gyu fell in love and married his pillow. Not only did he have a specially tailored dress made for the pillow, there was even an official ceremony in front of a local priest.

Lee married his dakimakura which is a large huggable pillow form usually with an anime character on its side. We have a feeling that Lee and Sal9000 would make good friends, don’t you?

8. The woman who married a snake

30-year-old Bimbala Das from Orissa, India, fell in love and married a snake in a grand ceremony in 2006.

Indian women have been known to be married off to trees and dogs to rid them of their ill karma before they marry their actual husbands, so when Bimbala told her village about her decision to marry the snake it was met with appreciation from the villagers.

They thought her marrying the snake would bring the village good fortune. There was even a grand feast to celebrate the occasion. The snake was not present at the actual wedding with a brass replica of it placed in his stead instead.

9. The man in a relationship with a VW Beetle

Next on the list is 57-year-old Edward Smith who has taken his love for cars quite literally. Mr Smith has never been sexually attracted to men or women although he did claim to have had sexual relationships when he was younger.

He is currently in a “relationship” with a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla. He also claims to have had sexual relationships with over 1000 cars usually belonging to strangers and those he saw in showrooms.

His sexual tendencies have been referred to as “mechaphillia” and he doesn’t think he will ever change his ways.

His preferences are not limited to cars either with Edward claiming that his most remarkable sexual experience was with a helicopter from the 1980’s TV hit Airflow. We guess that’s one way to keep the motor going.

10. In a relationship with a Hi-Fi system

Most people inflicted with objectum-sexuality are also diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which makes it difficult for them to form solid relationships with other people.

This is usually why they retreat from “normal” lifestyles and find solace in the company of objects.

This 42-year-old woman from Britain who did not want to be identified has been in love with a Hi-Fi system she calls Jake. She claims to make love to him at least twice a day and has learned to make necessary repairs if it breaks down.

By no means are we trying to mock these individuals or have fun at their expense. We just wanted to bring to light that these conditions exist and that love knows no boundaries.

It takes all kinds to make the world and so if they’re happy in their relationship (which is more than what most of us can say. good for them. If you know of any more strange relationships that we should have added to our list, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.