Top 9 Longest Living Animals

If you were looking for a list of the longest animal (length) we’re sorry to disappoint.

We’re actually going to be talking about animals that live so long they seem almost immortal. We’re talking centuries of birthdays.

While long animal lives are very rare these days due to a variety of factors, some natural others caused by humans, the animals on this list have the longest lives.

9 Animals With The Longest Lifespans

1) Immortal Jellyfish

If threatened, under stress of injured the immortal jellyfish simply goes back to its premature stage. this is as close to immortality as any living being has gotten.

However, the immortal jellyfish don’t live that long because they’re eaten or get injured beyond repair.

2) Ocean Quahog

With lifespans of more than 400 years, these clams have exceptionally long lives.

A clam was discovered to have been 507 years old and was named ‘Ming’ because it would have been alive during the Ming Dynasty’s rule in China.

3) Greenland Shark

One possible reason for the longevity of the Greenland Shark is that it only grows about 1 cm a year. They don’t reach maturity until the age of 100, talk about a long childhood.

The oldest shark recorded was over 400 years, so they can live a long long time.

4) Bowhead Whale

Smaller only than a blue whale, the bowhead whale can live a long time. Their average lifespan can be more than 200 years, a majority of which they spend under the surface of the water.

5) Galapagos Giant Turtle

If you’re looking for a land animal that can live past a century than the Galapagos Giant Turtle is your bet.

The oldest recorded Galapagos Tortoise was a hundred and fifty-two years old. That’s quite an innings. Even ‘Lonesome George’, the face of Galapagos Tortoises, was only a 100 years old and still not fully mature.

6) Red Sea Urchin

Another almost immortal animal species, the red sea urchin in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of North America. They can live for more than 200 years, but an exact lifespan is not yet known.

7) Koi Fish

Hanako a famous Koi Fish from Japan was aged after she dies in the year 1977.

Based on the rings on her scales, she was estimated to be over 200 years old. 226 in fact. While the average age span of Koi Fish is 25-30 years, given the right conditions, they can live centuries.

8) Long Finned Eel

Much like the Greenland shark mentioned earlier in the list, the long-finned eel grows very slowly. That’s one of the reasons for their longevity.

While the average long-finned eel can live up to 60 years, the oldest living eel was recorded at being 106 years old.

9) Macaws

Macaws can live notoriously long lives. They can easily live up to 60 plus years and their breeding age is from 30 years to 35.

However, most macaws are not on the endangered species list due to the destruction of their homes and the illegal pet trade.

In all these animals species do go around the sun more than your regular human being.

Surprised by some of the entrants on the list? Let us know in the comments below, which of these animal species is your favorite.