Historical Periods Voted Best To Live In

We as a species have always been fascinated with time travel. So much in fact that we have novels, films and even songs written about the subject.

If it were even possible to travel to any time period which one would we have gone to anyway? We’ve done out research on this and the results are in, these are the historical periods voted best to live in.

1. The Middle Ages

Knights, kingdoms, princesses, dungeons and so much excitement. If we throw a few dragons in there we will be living in our own version of Game of Thrones, and who wouldn’t want that?

It certainly was a great time to be brave where a daring act could win you the heart of a princess and a castle to boot. Sure it was medieval and there was the plague but besides that it was great. Right?

2. The Golden Age of Pirates

We would definitely be down with sailing across the seven sea’s pillaging villages, looting and a life of complete debauchery.

We see the age of pirates as more of an adventure time with unexplored lands, undiscovered treasures and evading naval warships. Truly exciting times to be in.

3. Renaissance

An age of poets and painters, writers and philosophers. Named meaning ‘rebirth’ who wouldn’t want to watch the masters, Galileo, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael at work?

Imagine the pace at which they worked to produce the kind of work they did. The progress that was made to scientific discoveries, medicine, technology is just astounding.

4. Ancient Egypt

“Walk like an Egyptian”. Would sure be great to finally solve the mystery of the pyramids, how were the built, who built them. Not to mention hanging out with Cleopatra.

If I was embalmed I’d come back as a mummy too. Would’ve been fun times to live in for sure.

5. The Wild West

Good old westerns certainly piqued the interest of quite a few people about the Wild West. Living in a lawless country at a lawless time did have equal amounts of benefits as well as pitfalls.

It all depended on which side of the law you were on I suppose. Also, it would have been great to run into Billy the Kid, Davy Crockett, Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill. Wonder who we’d get into a stand-off first.

6. The Stone Age

If you would like to live in simpler times, none were simpler than the stone age. It would be quiet appealing to some caught up in the crazy digital world to go back to a time where no technology could have existed.

Learning to build a fire for the first time, watching dwelling being put up, hunting and being hunted in the wild. Surely a dangerous choice, but well worth it in our opinion.

7. The Roaring 20’s

Possibly the greatest generation for America. A war had just come to an end, people were happy, rich and some would even call it the birth of the new America. Full of great music, fashion and a great time to food. Everyone surely had a roaring time, hence the name.

Do you think we’ve made a fair assessment of the time periods most would have liked to live in? Which one would be your favorite if it wasn’t on the list?

Let’s start a conversation and the time period with the most comments gets on our list so be sure to let us know, and let your friends know.