9 Of The Most Evil Women in History

I know what you’re probably thinking, 9 is too few. Some woman do have a cruel streak to them.

Thinking about what the women on this list have done still gives us shudders.

If you thought your ex-wife was evil for burning all your clothes I wonder what you’ll make of these fine specimen. We’re also not talking about women who found themselves in dire situations and had no other choice, these women were just cold-hearted monstrosities.

9 Most Evil Women in History

1) Bloody Mary

You can tell when the power goes to someone’s head by the way they treat those below them.

When Queen Mary, the first of her name, took the throne in July 1553 thing started off nicely. She was a popular ruler, but things quickly turned south when she returned England to the Catholic faith. She had hundreds of dissenters burnt alive hence her name.

Bloody Mary (shouldn’t it have been fiery Mary instead?). It was a rule marked by carnage and the changes she implemented didn’t even last too long after her death.

2) Isabella Of Spain

It could be said that the good or evil could depend on which side of the fence you were standing on and it couldn’t be truer than in the case of Isabella of Castile.

While she was praised for pushing Spain into a modern era it came at a cost of bloodshed.

Uniting Spain under the banner of religion and culture meant ushering in an era of the Inquisition against the Jews and Muslims, forcing them to convert to Christianity.

3) “Minnie” Dean

Having a child outside of marriage was stigmatized more so than it is today.

Young girls who got pregnant usually gave their children away to “baby farms” where strangers took them in and cared for them in exchange for a fee.

Williamina “Minnie” Dean ran one of those farms but instead of taking care of the children, she killed them, disposed of their bodies and lived off the money they parents sent for the child’s upbringing.

Since keeping records was not really a necessity in the late 19th century, she escaped notice for several years. How much innocent blood is on her hands is still unknown.

4) Belle Gunness

Born a strong Norwegian-American Belle wanted an easy solution to her money problems.

She killed her husband, her three kids and collected the insurance money. with which she bought a home. The house also mysteriously burned down and she was back collecting insurance money. She remarried and killed her husband and their child.

The insurance companies were getting suspicious but she managed to convince them that she was the victim. She knew she had to change her tricks so instead of burning down her new house she put it up for sale on the market and killed anyone that came to inquire.

She then suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth and the true numbers of her victims are still unknown. More than 40 human remains were found on her property.

5) Delphine Lalaurie

Delphine was a rich, popular, beautiful and pure evil. While she enjoyed hosting guests at her home, she also liked holding slaves hostage. She had several dead hostages buried under her mansion, some trapped with spiked collars, other tied to a stove.

Her atrocious deeds were only discovered when her mansion caught fire and firefighters came over to put the fire out. The wicked lady fleed, possibly to France and was never heard from again. She was never punished for her crimes.

6) Mary Ann Cotton

Like Belle Gunness, Mary Ann Cotton liked to live off insurance money.

She was finally caught and convicted of murdering at least 21 people which included her 4 husbands, multiple children, and even her own mother. A bit of background check would be required if I ever tie the knot.

7) Irma Grese

A Nazi guard, Irma was known to physically and psychologically torture her prisoners in the Nazi camp.

She would carry out arbitrary physical violence, often leading to the death of her female prisoners. She was executed following her trial and conviction of war crimes.

8) Ilse Koch Born

Ilse was known as the ‘Witch of Buchenwald’. Her husband commanded the camps at Buchenwald and Majdanek and she was like an enforcer.

She was even accused of taking pieces of human skin from her victims as a souvenir. She was tried and had one of the most public trials, where she was sentenced to death. She would later commit suicide in her prison cell.

9) The Countess Of Bathory

If you are looking for real life to come as close to a legend, it lies in the tale of the Countess of Bathory. Although she came from a Royal family she did not have any official power. She sought to commit heinous acts just for the sake of being evil.

She lured young girls to her castle in Hungary and imprisoned them. She then tortured and killed these girls for no reason but her own enjoyment.

While she was found out she escaped any major punishment because of her political connections and was placed under house arrest.

Her notorious nature quickly spread, twisting fact and fiction. Some claimed she bathed in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth while other whispered stories about vampirish tendencies.

While all of these women were undoubtedly evil, does a particular lady stand out for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Did we forget a particularly evil lady? We’d love to hear from you.