7 Weirdest Animals In The World

The planet is home to a whole bunch of astounding creatures. Some even look like they’ve come out of a fascinating dream.

Many of the features seen on these animals are a result of evolution and their environment. With that being said let’s take a look at the 7 weirdest animals in the world.

1. Okapi

An animal that looks like a cross between a Zebra and a Giraffe the Okapi is native to the Congo region in Africa.

These peace-loving herbivores are solitary creatures normally coming together only to breed. Their diet consists of mainly leaves, grass and small plants.

2. The Blue Dragon

Glaucus Atlanticus are tiny dragon-like creatures that call the Indian Pacific Ocean their home. Only a few inches long they float upside down to camouflage themselves int he ocean.

Even though tiny in size this animal can deliver a sting like a man o’war who they feed upon. Keep your distance when observing this beautiful tiny beast.

3. Pacu Fish

With teeth that resemble humans, the Pacu Fish is found in the waters of South America. Even though it is related to the piranha it usually consumes only nuts and seeds in rivers like the Amazon. With teeth like that though it can give a terrible bite if needed.

4. Slow Loris

This cute furry animal is in fact quite dangerous. It has toxins in its teeth which can be quite venomous and they use these to coat the fur or their young ones as a method of self-defense.

A bite from a Slow Loris can cause an anaphylactic shock to its victims so beware. These nocturnal creatures found in the forest of Southeast Asia have another defense mechanism which is to avoid detection altogether.

While they’re being hunted, they’ll move slowly without making a sound and escape without fighting.

5. Axolotl

The “Mexican salamander” is often spotted in lakes in Mexico. Worms, insects and small fish form its primary meals and they spend most of their adult lives in the water.

Their numbers are declining due to the rapid urbanization of Mexico and these cute Pokemon like animals need to be protected.

6. Blobfish

At first sight, you’d just see these animals as a collection of silly putty, until you notice its eyes and tiny fins. With a density just slightly higher than water, the blobfish “hunts” by floating around till an insect or tiny creature floats in its mouth.

This fish lives deep in the waters of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. My uncle Greg has pictures of himself not too dissimilar from the blobfish is all I’m saying.

7. Superb Bird Of Paradise

If you have “superb” in your name you better live up to it, and this bird of paradise certainly does. It has a mating dance ritual that can last a while and is just fascinating to watch.

A female will reject more than 20 suitors before it picks one to mate with. Found in Equatorial New Guinea, its one of the weirdest bird species on the planet.


8. Japanese Crab Spider

A Japanese delicacy the Japanese crab spider can grow up to 12 feet long from claw to claw. It can be quite challenging to catch one of these and only the American Lobster can beat it in weight. I’d definitely like to try some, how about you?

Which did you think was the weirdest animal? Let us know in the comments below which weird animals we should have added to the list and why.