7 Things Flight Attendant Will Never Tell You

Have you had to fly a lot recently because of your job? Is your frequent flyer status making you wonder about some aeroplane secrets that you should know but probably don’t?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, from the mile-high club to the proper flight etiquette we’ve spoken to several flight attendants to let us in on their secrets and they have. Here’s a list of things that flight attendant never tell you.

1. Joining The Mile High Club

While you may think you’re being cautious and dapper the flight attendant know about your attempts to join the mile high club.

Although not encouraged due to the risk of hurting yourselves in there it is certainly not frowned up.

However, if the flight attendants instructions are for you to clear out the restroom because you’re holding up the line or because turbulence is expected you better do so as ordered.

They have a secret method of unlocking the door from the outside and you wouldn’t want to get exposed with your pants around your feet now would you?

2. Avoid The Water

With the rapid turn around time expected of flights, the water tank cleaning is often neglected. So much so that it can even form a grimy layer on the sides.

If I were you, next time I was on the flight I’d avoid the water, the tea, coffee or any beverage that uses the water entirely. Don’t say you were not warned.

3. Wait time affects the flight attendants as much as it does you

Did you know that the flight attendants are paid by the hours they spend in the air? So while they may enjoy some allowances while the plane is on the tarmac they’d really like to get going and get to their next destination.

If you’re the person that has delayed the flight and are getting some serious anger vibes from the hostess, now you know why.

4. Tipping is allowed

Although tipping is looked down upon by the majority of airlines and the association of flight attendants a flight attendant will hesitantly but thankfully accept your tip.

You might have to insist a little but they will be thankful for your generosity. They don’t rely on their tips for money, but they make very little so a little bit extra never hurts.

5. Skip pressing the “call” button

Flight attendants work long hours with little or no appreciation. They’ve seen your request and will get to you as soon as they’re done attending to some other work they might have.

There is absolutely no need for you to keep ringing the “call” button. If you do, you might just get on bad side of the attendants and you do not want that. Trust us.

6. All work no pay makes the flight attendants mad

You may envy them for their jet-set life, travelling across the country and staying in fancy hotels all the time, but when it comes down to it, you’re probably better off when it comes to the pay.

They don’t make as much money as you would think with salaries for new joiners in the range of 16k to 18k only. It’s not too bad, but it’s not too great either. Now you see why keeping those tips handy next time you fly won’t be such a bad idea.

7. Will using your cellphone really damage the plane?

One of the biggest kept secrets is that while using your electronics won’t bring the plane down it does on occasion tend to mess with the equipment.

Why would you want to risk interfering with the machinery of an aircraft that you just boarded that will be flying thousands of feet in the air? Here’s a tip, leave them off next time.

Did you know any of these secrets? Have we missed any that should have made the list? We’d love to hear some more secrets about flying that have never been shared before. Let us know in the comments below.