7 Strangest Planets Discovered So Far

Our Universe is one complex space. We’ve been sending probes into space looking for intelligent life on other planets, and although we haven’t had much luck in that department, we have come across some truly strange planets.

Let’s take a look at the 7 strangest planets discovered so far.

1. J1407B

Also known as ‘Super Saturn’ due to the large rings surrounding it. While the ring span of Saturn is only 80,000 km from its equator, J1407B’s rings span more than 120 million kilometres..

Located a mere 434 light-years away from Earth this “tiny” planet has a mass which is 40 times that of Jupiter.

2. HD106906

If we’ve learnt anything from our solar system it’s that, the further away you move from your Sun the colder the planet gets. So how do you explain HD106906?

It could easily fit 11 Jupiters in it, and the distance of HD106906 to its sun is 650 time the distance of Earth from our sun.

That’s not even the weird bit. What’s strange is that in spite of the vast distance from the sun, the surface temperature is 1500 degree Celsius.

Yikes! It’s believed HD106906 is only several million years old. Considering our Universe has been here for billions of years, where did this planet suddenly pop up from?

3. TRes-2b

TRes-2b is only a couple million miles away from its host star. However, since it is so dark, it absorbs almost all the light that shines on it.

If you had to picture it the best way to describe TRes-2b would be like a big ball of gas. Very exotic indeed.

4. 55 Cancri e

They say that diamonds are forever and if that is true this planet is not going anywhere in a hurry. Unlike Earth, the planet is made entirely of diamonds and graphite.

It’s this very property that causes it to have a mass which is almost 8 times that of our home planet. It just happens to be 40 lightyears away, so we’ve packed our bags.

5. WASP-12b

How would you like to celebrate your birthday every day? WASP-12b is so close to its sun that it completes one rotation around the star every day.

Being so close to the sun does have certain disadvantages though, with temperatures soaring to more than 2250 degrees Celcius. Still think the summers on Earth are hot?

6. WASP-17b

If you’ve ever imagined of a planet made of pure fluff you were probably thinking of WASP-17b. With such a low density, it has a mass which is less than that of Jupiter although being of similar sizes.

WASP-17b is one of a few exoplanets (and the first one to be discovered) that have a retrograde orbit. Which means while its sun rotates anti-clockwise, it travels clockwise around it.

7. Gliese 581c

Gliese 581c caused quite a stir in 2007 when it was first discovered. Scientists thought we’d found a suitable planet to colonize. However, since it was tidally locked this would not have been possible.

We’re discovering new planets every day. Which one on our list appealed to you? If you know of some other weird planets discovered that should have been on this list, let us know in the comments below.