19 Tips On How to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

When people think about cleaning their cars, they usually think about hosing away the mud and dirt off its surface, or giving it a new coat of paint, but keeping your car clean and organized is more complex than that.

There’s so much more that you can do for your vehicle.

Here are 19 useful tips on how you can do that.

1. Does your vehicle have dirty cupholders? Use an old, clean sock. Spray the sock with an all-purpose cleaner and use that to rub the cupholders clean.

2. Keep a duster in your glove compartment and use it to wipe away dust on your chairs and dashboard.

3. If you keep a lot of papers and ID’s in your car glove compartment then you may want to get a mini file folder to help you find what you need in a jiff.

4. To prevent items from your purse or bag from spilling over whenever you make a sharp turn, buy a pair of headrest hooks and use them to secure your things.

5. Tired of losing things into those gaps between your car seats? Get a handy cover, so that you’ll never have to worry about this issue again.

6. Do you often bring your dog along? Keep a squeegee and sprayer full of water somewhere close by, and use them to remove pet hair from your car’s upholstery.

7. If crumbs or crud frequently fall into the gaps of your car seats, get a detail brush to remove them.

8. Keep your mats clean by spraying them with laundry stain removers. If that doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to throw them into your washer.

9. Use a carpet cleaner to clean off of your upholstery fabric.

10. Do you need something to clean dirty leather? Combine woolite with water using a 1 to 10 ratio then put the mixture into a sprayer and use that as your cleaning agent.

11. Whenever you need to clean your wipers, soak a piece of paper into rubbing alcohol and use that to clean away all the streaks and dirt.

12. If you need a temporary garbage container for your vehicle then why not try a plastic cereal container? Not only are they free, they can be also be disposed of easily.

13. Try to have at least one backseat plastic caddy for your car. Not only can it keep your children entertained, it can also make fast food dinners easier.

14. If you must use your phone while driving then you better keep it secured using a universal phone holder.

15. If your car has front facing car seats in the backseat, you may want to get a whole set of kick mats to protect that area from mud and dirty footwear.

16. Get a special bag for storing clothes, accessories and even smaller bags. If you can get one with a carabiner that’s even better, as you’ll be able to keep it secured both in and out of the car.

17. During rainy seasons, when we use plastic bags to store muddy shoes and wet raincoats, you can use an empty cleaning wipes container to store these items.

18. If you are fond of bringing along random bottles and other small items that roll around then you may want to get a velcro storage wall. Not only are they easy to install, they can also keep your vehicle organized.

19. Keep an expandable organizer with multiple compartments inside your car’s trunk. They can help you use all the available space efficiently.