13 Weirdest Things From The Past

Humans have always been curious creatures. We built the fire, we built the wheel, but we also built a large number of unusual contraptions for use on a daily basis.

In this list, we will look at the weirdest things our ancestors used in the past.

13 Weirdest Things From The Past

1) Not Just Another ‘High’ Chair

Need a high chair that doubles as a chamber pot? No problem.

This 18th-century contraption was perfect for parents as the adjustable footrest would make it comfortable for children at the dinner table. We just hope they don’t use them both at the same time.

2) Who Doesn’t Have Plumbing Problems?

If you were living in the Victorian era, plumbing problems were a certainty.

Luckily they found a way around it by utilizing a chamber hygiene set.

Freshen up like a prince or princess before heading out using your soap dish, washbowl, mug and a chamber pot. If you could afford it, use porcelain sets as well.

3) Not Your Average Chamber Pot

If you’ve seen Trainspotting, this is just the kind of chamber pot Ewan McGregor’s character described. Beautiful, elegant, sometimes lined with a velvet cushion. When nature calls, go in style.

4) Shaving Sets That You Put Your Designed Shelf To Shame

Shaving back in the day used to be a much bigger deal than it is today. The almost ritualistic practice used shaving kits that would not look out of place in any uptown sitting room.

5) Flea Bait

Fleas aren’t selective about who they choose to infect. They affected everyone.

Women in the Victorian era went walking around with this tube which contained a few drops of blood to attract the fleas and think honey resin to trap them inside.

I wonder if the venus fly trap had something to do with the design. The tubes were so stylish, they even wore them around their necks.

6) Flea Bait II

While the members of PETA might not have been fans of this technique, it supposedly helped quite a bit to alleviate the flea situation. Women wore dead animals around their necks which the fleas would find rather appealing. Seems a little unsanitary if you ask me

7) Button Hooks

Maybe it was a fascination with pirates or just Captain Hook in particular, but this hook was used to close buttons, clothing, and gloves. It was, however, a fancy extravagance only a few could afford.

8) Save The Stache

Mustaches were a symbol of manliness, a style statement and maybe more, which is why it isn’t odd to think of a cup specially invented to keep the mustache dry while sipping on your morning cup of tea. Yeah, real manly guys, I’d rather use a napkin instead.

9) Dance, Dance, Dance.. Oh Card’s Full

In 1886 dance cards were distributed at St. Johns Wood house. It was a popular location for balls and events.

Women would write the name of the gentlemen seeking a dance from them and the type of dance they were doing. They’d continue till the card was full. Seems kinda odd though doesn’t it?

10) I Can See Right Through You

Back in the 20th Century what made you really cool was having your own x-ray collection. Since the dangers of x-rays weren’t really known back then, people took x-rays like we take selfies. Yikes!

11) Chopping Up The Streets With Chopine

These high platform shoes were all the rage in the sixteenth century.

These unique designs had several advantages, protecting your feet from the mud and slush, proper footing on uneven roads and also gave the women a distinct height advantage.

So not much has changed in that regard.

12) Hooked Again

What obsession did our ancestors have with hooks? Instead of using wooden toothpicks like we do now dinner guests drew out these hooked claws to take out pieces of food stuck between their teeth. I wonder if they were ever used in fights?

13) Just The Q-Tip

How do you imagine our ancestors cleaned their teeth before q-tips were invented? Using these very personalized, metal inventions. But why restrict the use to only the ears when you can dig for gold in your nose as well? Yuck!

Which of these strange inventions could you imagine using today? Have you heard of stranger items that were in use that didn’t make it to our list? Let us know and we’ll be sure to update it.